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The Evolution of h-Profile

Patent Профиль для Натяжных потолков

Polymer-composite profile

1. Our new polymer h-profile withstand the stretch of the ceiling film more than 20% because of the extended board space.
2. The width of the polymer h-profile optimized for safe binding of the harpoon.
3. Increased the space for harpoon binding.
4. Increased the size of claws for ideal fixation.
5. And most of all – the price is cheaper on 25%.

More detailed

Insert the harpoon and the plug

Form a 90 degree angle

Check for stiffness

Запатентовано Профиль для Натяжных потолков

Profile system for multi-level stretch ceilings

1. The cost of the system PERFECT 4 times less the sum of the individual profiles for duplex ceilings.
2. Profile system PERFECT allows you to quickly and easily create complex designs.
3. Our profile is made of flexible high-tech plastic which no additional effort can be mounted in any shape.
4. Height 8.5 cm-10 cm
5. Reduce the stock volume by 2.5 times. 2 profile instead of five.

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