Polymer-composite profile

Our profile in the deal

Insert the harpoon and the plug

Form a 90 degree angle

Check for stiffness

Запатентовано Профиль для Натяжных потолков

Our company worked out and patented the wall profile for harpoon system, using combination of modern polymers.

The main innovation is special binding components which provide strength, hardness and solidity of the profile. The material is able to withstand loading which exceeds technical characteristics of similar aluminum profiles.

Why is our profile better than aluminium analogues?

  • 1. The new profile withstands the stretch of ceiling film more than 20%. The secure fixing of profile to surface is provided by increasing back wall.

  • 2. The width of the polymer profile is optimized for secure fixing of harpoon.

  • 3. Increased the area of harpoon fixing.

  • 4. Improved the geometry of prongs.

  • 5. And most of all – the price is cheaper on 25%.


The one of the main advantages are the low cost of profile. The price of the profile is lower on 25% than similar aluminum profiles.

The aluminum profiles can be cheaper only through weight reduction which leads to decline of quality. For example, 6 years ago the weight of 1 linear meter of the profile was 220 gm. Now profiles are produced with the weigh from 135 gm. on linear meter. In simple terms, the low cost is reached by deterioration in quality.

Снизили цену профиля

The result of using polymer profiles has had a number of unique advantages:

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